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Mentoring is very important and you need it to help you in life. 

For example, mentors teach you everything that you need to know!  You never have to have one designated mentor. If you choose one mentor, they normally teach you one specific thing, such as math, sceince, launguage arts, history, and/or many more subjects. A mentor is like a counsler. One question to ask yourself before choosing a mentor is " Can I trust this person?" or " Do I need this person to teach me?" 

Mentoring is a very important matter discussing your future occupations and ways of living. If you want to be a CFO, you should get a mentor for math. CFOs need math skills to count money and pay the checks. If you want to work at a resturant, you need correct grammar skills so that you can talk to the customers correctly. There are many more jobs involving different learning skills, so make sure you choose your best subject.


Mentors can also be tutors, not just teachers. Tutors are part time teachers that you can use to help you in school. There are many different tutors for many different subjects. My freind has a tutor that helps her with math, and now she is really smart! (not that she wasn't before) Now she is more brilliant than ever!!




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