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At JA biztown I was the Customer Service Manager for the Bank of America. I was very busy at times. I really liked this job. I would sort money and separate deposit tickets. Those things took a lot of time. I would also give all the businesses a bank bag to put their earnings in. people would give me their deposits at the business window (where I worked). On any of your breaks you could rent a cellphone, get a debit card, or go to the smokehouse market and get something to eat. Your second break would be considered your lunch break. On any of your breaks, after you get your first paycheck, you could go to the bank and deposit your paycheck. JA was really fun! 

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Hi! I am a girl. I play soccer and volleyball. I’m in fifth grade. I love to have fun! I love to be artistic. I love to play wii. I hate brussel sprouts, and bugs. I love to act. I love to hang out with my friends and get crazy. I don’t like Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift. I find both of those singers singing annoying. I like to watch T.V. and movies. I like to cook even though I’m not that good. I don’t like school or getting up early. I believe in Christ. I go to church on Saturdays.

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