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Must keep running.
That's all I can think about as I run through the strange, green woods. I can hear the sound of the creature coming closer, hard on my heels.
Or was it a creature? I wasn't sure. Maybe it's just a person playing a stupid prank on me. But my instincts tell me to keep running, no matter what.
Of course, at some point, I am going to have to stop. Everyone does. How far had I run? I couldn't remember. I was too busy trying to keep away from this... thing.
The sound of my unknown pursuer fades away, until I can't hear it at all, which is good, because I'm starting to run out of energy. I stop for a moment to take a breath, but I'm ready to run if that's what it comes down to.
I start hearing the sound of feet again, and somehow I know it is the sound of this... stalker? Creature? I don't have much time to think. I scramble up the nearest tree I can find and climb as high as I possibly can.
"All that rock climbing really paid off," I think to myself. "And Mom said it was a waste of time..." I hear the sound of feet coming closer, closer, until I know it's below me. I don't move, though, for fear that movement would make noise and the pursuer would know.
I am still as a statue while he or she stops. "Don't move," I keep thinking to myself. Then, the sound of footsteps resumes and fades away. But I am still to afraid to climb down in case it is still down on the ground somewhere. Eventually, I fall asleep.
When I awake, I hear footsteps and try to blend in as much as possible. But something stops me. It's the sound of my dad, sheriff of the police department, calling my name. "Callie! Callie, are you there?"
"Dad!" I call from the tree. I climb down, and he herds me into his car.
But then, I REALLY wake up. I realize it was all a dream. Who would ever think to look for me in the woods of Ravensdale, Washington? If I want to se my dad again, I'll have to go find him myself. Which means, I'll have to get out of this tree.
I stop to listen for a moment, and when silence reaches my ears, I climb down. I'm on the ground, trying to figure out which way will get me back to town. And then, I remember. My brother's compass! The one he gave me to remind me of him while he was away at college. I always keep it with me. Just to think of him.
I pull out the compass and take a moment for some logic thinking to figure out which way I should go. Once that's done, I start heading home.
I barely take five steps when something from above jumps on top of me and slams my head into rock. The last thing I see before I black out are ice blue eyes.
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