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Here's the beginning of a new murder mystery I'm writing. Enjoy!


It had been six months since Byron Letcher's last case. The affair with poisoned milk and murder was quite intriguing indeed. It was long ago however, and our dear detective was getting bored.

While having some coffee with Colonel Winterbottom, an old friend of his, Letcher thought about his situation.

“Peter, does it ever happen to you to become awfully bored after a case?” inquired Letcher.

“Well, I've never really put that much thought into it, but I don't believe so...”

“Ah. That's too bad, because it's precisely the situation I'm in now, and I have no idea how to fix it.”

Peter thought about Letcher's statement before finally responding with a triumphant “Why, you need a new case sir!”

“Peter, you can be a slow one sometimes. We both know that very well! The problem is actually finding the case.”

As if prompted in by a script, a women tumbled into Letcher's tea parlor with a jumble of words following her. Letcher instantly began to study the panicked lady's visage. “Excessive makeup signifies grief...” thought Letcher. “Fast speech pattern suggests panic, very fast breathing, maybe even hyperventilation?” The women snapped Letcher back to reality.

“Quick! Please! Come see! It- It's terrible!” screamed the lady.

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