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I know we have all had strange out of this world dreams. I recently had one of those dreams so it started off like this. I was in my house and my mom was downstairs singing about bunny rabbits and my dad was at work. Of course my mom normally doesn’t sing so went down stairs to find two of my friends lying on the floor sleeping. They woke up and then we left to walk to the playground at my old school. All of a sudden all these dogs appeared and both of my friends were talking gibber. Then everything started to blend and I ended up in this big swirl then a face appeared it was singing, “Be with the baby” over and over again. When everything went back to normal I was in my back yard there was all these random people dancing. I found my two friends and we walked into my house and went into the garage. We got our bikes and went off into the neighborhood to ride. All of a sudden started to fly higher and I higher, and I couldn’t get down I started to scream yell and I almost fell off my bike. I slowly went down but realized that my friends were way behind me and that I had passed them up. I was about to get on my bike when I realized it had disappeared. I had a strange feeling like I was being watched and I turned around there was a man in a blue car chasing me, so I ran. Then I woke up just as he was about to catch me. I looked at my clock it was 2 forty something, then realized that I was crying I wiped my tears away thinking thank goodness it was only a dream.
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