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I’m a country girl without the accent! My dad always says, “All you need are a good pair of cowgirl-boots and you would look like a brunet, brown-eyed Maranda Lambert!” Every time we hear a Maranda Lambert song on the radio he always lets me sing it! We have fun like that in my family. I even have a horse, (Seashells and I often shorten it to Shell) in Utah (where my dad lives) that I ride at my dad's house. The only horse I’m afraid of is my dad’s horse, Marco.
I can sing country too and have the accent and still sound wonderful. My mom is trying to encourage me to on The Voice© and be on Blake Shelton’s team (because he’s country) but I think I’m too shy to go on! I can sing anywhere from Luke Brian to Carrie Underwood and everyone else. I’m very terrified of singing to anyone but my mom, dad, and brother. My favorite radio station is 95.1 and my favorite country music artist is by far either Maranda Lambert or Blake Shelton. Ha, that’s kind of funny because they are married!
Country is my life. I listen to it every possible second! To give you an idea of how much I love it I’ve never listened to modern music voluntarily and I never plan to. My ipod is filled with country too!
All in all, I love country music, it is my life and I never plan on changing that!
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