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The Race

The man was confident that he was going to win the race. After all, he did have a Ferrari 458. He looked at all the other aristocrats with their supercars. Pah! An Aston martin V12 Zagato. Just 510 Horsepower, his Ferrari would eat it alive with 561 Hp. Let’s see, what else, Oh! Hahaha! A Shelby GT-500! Oh, that’s going to be easy. Hmm. Oh. Ughh. Is that a McLaren-Mercedes SLR? Yeah. That’s going to be hard. Oh poo, Lamborghini Aventador. Maybe I can out corner it. The race was about to start. The V12s Screamed as the race started. Instantly the man was in the lead. Over a 3 million dollars worth of cars were in his rear view mirror. Then he saw a car that made him wet his pants. The Koenigsegg Agera R, the new fastest car in the world. The second he saw that he almost broke the accelerator pedal. The race lasted fifty minutes. The final stretch came he knew he would be out powered on this straight away. He swung side to side blocking any cars that would take away his lead. Then the most unusual thing happened, the Zagato and the Aventador passed him then the Koenigsegg. Suddenly he was pushed off the track by the GT-500. He watched as the historic three way tie between the Aventador, the Zagato and the Agera R in the August of 2012.
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