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Budget Priorities
The top three priorities for the federal government to fund in the next fiscal year is 1st, education, 2nd healthcare, and 3rd, security. I think education is the MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!! United States is ranked 25th in education in the world. That is pretty bad. United States definitely could do better. Many kids are getting dropped out of high school and many other people don't even care about grades. Kids need a good education to get a good job and a comfortable life. Healthcare is getting way expensive and most of the people in America can't pay for that. If there is a major health issue in the family, they can't afford it. They can do nothing. They might borrow some money from another person, but then, they're in debt. Many people are becoming homeless and it's just way too much. Finally, we need better security. Many people get robbed or killed each year. Then, we have to pay a ton of money to get everything back the way we wanted it. These are three major problems the government needs to think about. If these things were fixed, our country would be a ton better.
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