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When we watched Ernest Green I thought it was a touching story to me. What I would have done is ask them “Who do you think we’re talking to?’ those kids who thought they could do what they wanted to The Little Rock Nine. I think I would’ve had the courage to fight back, because I am a person who will not back away without a fight. I believe everybody should fight for their rights and no matter what anybody says to you doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be treated like everybody else just because of the color of your skin or because of your religion. What I thought was that the things the Caucasian children were telling The Little Rock Nine was not okay, because if I were to have said that to someone from one of my old schools I know what would happen and that out come would not have been very pretty. So, the main thing I am trying to say is that the way they were speaking to The Little Rock Nine was not okay and will never be in my eyes. Things have changed today, because there isn’t as much racism today as there was during the time when segregation was going on in the schools as well as in the business world. Some things haven’t changed though, because some people are still racist against the blacks and that is not appreciated. I also do not approve of what the high school students said to The Little Rock Nine, because I am related to black people and that is not okay if someone insults someone all, because of their skin color. I will not tolerate it, because of who I am related to. I still believe that there are other instances of discrimination going on in the world today, because some people believe that anybody who is a Muslim is part of the Taliban all because of what happened on 9/11.

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