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I’m going to tell you about how the Jr. Iditarod protects the dogs and how they take care of the dog. If sounds interesting pleas read on. Oh one thing before I start the Jr. Iditarod is a race.

First of all they feed them and walk them and give them food. Such as when they are racing they feed them and give them water every mile to get them energy. They walk them for miles for every day to get them ready for the race. So that is how they nurture them.

Second of all they make sure there in great condition. For an example if they are sick they take them to the vet. Or if they have splits on there feet they put booties on the feet that are split. They also always make sure that they have enough love to keep them healthy. That is another way they take care of there dogs.

The third way they care for the dogs is entertainment. The have to keep the dogs actively entertained. That will keep the dogs from getting fat. So I think that they play fetch and other physical activities. Then they walk them and train them so they get ready to run the miles they have to run on the race. That is the third way the care for the dogs.

Those are the ways they care and take care of their dog. That’s all. So I hoped you enjoyed. Oh I forgot. The names of some dogs are Annie, QT, Jazz, Bettie, and Blacky. So now that all. Hoped you enjoyed.
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