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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Do you know how the racers and dogs are safe in the Jr. Iditarod?? If you don’t then I am going to tell you. I hope you enjoy my essay!!
Did you know that every single racer carry’s 2lbs of hamburger meat per dog? So he would carry 20 lbs. of hamburger meat and dry food. You won’t see a racer carrying a gallon of water. The way they get water is by melting snow.
Another way they keep the racers safe is using checkpoints. You’re probably thinking how checkpoints are safe. Well I have a good reason if a racer is lost the people at the checkpoint say, “he should be here by now”. Then they go and look for him.
Also at the checkpoints the racers check there dogs for web cracks and splits. If they do find any web cracks they put on booties to protect their feet while they run. If the find any splits in their feet they put on ointment.
When the racers get to the half way point they are required to stay at the half way point 10 hours. At the half way point the can feed the dogs check there feet for web cracks and splits there is a log cabin where visitors can stay but not the racers they are also required to stay with the dogs and sleep with them they lay down hay to keep warmth.
So have you learned how the racers and dogs are protected? If you have, then good. Now you might want to watch an Iditarod race to see if they do it the way I had told you they did. Once again I hope you enjoyed reading my essay. Thank you!!
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