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Do you want to know how the Jr. Iditarod protects the racers and the dog teams? If you keep on reading, you will know how! I hope you like my essay and it teaches
you about how and what they do to protect and keep them safe and healthy.

First, what the racers need to do is check if they have all the required equipment for them and the dogs. The racers need to have 2lbs of food for the dogs at all times.

At the ½ way checkpoint, the racers have to feed their dog teams. Did you know that the racers have to wait 10 hours at a ½ checkpoint? That is a very long time!

After the dogs are done eating, the racer has to check the dogs feet for injuries. If they do have injuries, they put on shoes that are called ‘’Booties’’ to protect them from further damage. They can also switch them for another dog.

After you read my essay, I am sure you will understand how to be a good racer and take good care of your dog team with respect, kindness, and treat your dog team how you would like to be treated.
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