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by Keeley C teacher: Melanie Transue
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Have you ever been truly afraid for the future after you are long gone? Have you ever been extremely annoyed with someone for opening a blog as a question? (Yes)As I am currently writing, or rather typing these words on a digital page surrounded by the rowdiest of the rowdy crowd that is barely reaching my own notice from the very corners of my fidgeting eyes, a peculiar feeling is washing over me. From warm feelings of human socializing? Ch, who are you talking to? Personally, I find simple joys in serene solitude alone with my meditative thoughts. However, at this moment I'm finding my peace in Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and Queen, so it isn't that difficult to conceive from such information that it bothers the me that the majority of my generation are inspired mostly by the dribbling, unoriginal, cliche, and mind numbing rubbish that pours out of the aluminum speakers in the car. 

A prime example of my exasperation derives from wat had happened to me this Tuesday. I was joking round with an old friend at a track meet who is also in chorus with me, and playfully poking fun at her because a few months ago she was completely oblivious to Bob Dylan's existence. However, this brought on, with the group I was joking around with, knowledge that I could live without. About five others had not one single clue who he was, whih lead to a baffled and slightly incoherant rant on my part, but at the time I do believe I justified my stunned state rather eloquently saying 'Bob Dyaln....BOB DYLAN?! You mean to tell me that you've never hear of Bob Dylan? Greatest song writer of all time? Nominated for the Nobel Prie in Literature (my dream to win by the way) because his lyrics are more poetry than anything else? The man who was named the voice of an entire generation? No? His music is infinitely  better...well infintely doesn't even cover it , it is more like insurmountably better to the point where if his lyrics went to battle with the (add profanity) played on the radio, just hearing who they will have to triumph over will compell them to combust into flame and be left to float upon the earth's crust, forgotten and loathed by those unsuspecting people with allergies.' (Okay, cards on the table. I didn't quite say it like that, but there was quite a bit of irritated arm flourishes) to which only one of the group could reply with, 'The music on the radio is NOT crap.' At this point I just let it be. Twas always my greatest flaw that when something put me out a smidge more than normal things usually do, a tongue of silver will metamorphosize into a mouth comparable to a certain object that is round nad porcelain, if you catch my drift.

That story though, brings me to my point, (this is going to be rushed on account of how overdo this blog is, sorry Miss Transue)  I am truly disgusted and worried about the future. Yes, I know I am quite vocal about my love for Bob Dylan and this one instance isn't worthy of getting all worked up, but this isn't the first time it's happened. It as just the most recent of many examples. Not only does it show how people will willingly trade stimulating and meaningfull lyrics aside for occasionally amusing bass beats, but it shows how cultured kids are these days. It doesn't extend to just music either, people just completely lack of just knowledge in general. Sadly, the only examples I could give would offend some in my grade, but I really just want to rip my hair out sometimes.

I adore old music, from Arcangelo Corelli to The Doors or Vivaldi to the Stones, I just love it. So one could understand that ones complete lack of mental enlightenment from not listening to such things, kind of puts me off.(I mean it is one thing not to like an artist, but to have NEVER heard of them...) Though this may lead to an anxiety of something that I do believe is completely rational. Especially since what ids are exposed to these days is just...garbage.






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I agree that people should stop listenting to crappy music, but that's pretty much all that comes out anymore.
Posted May 4, 2012 at 08:01 AM by • Jessica A
Posted May 4, 2012 at 08:01 AM by • Jessica A
I agree Keeley, all people listen to these days is crapy rap music. What has happened to the classics?
Posted April 15, 2012 at 05:45 PM by • Lauren V
Posted April 15, 2012 at 05:45 PM by • Lauren V
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