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This is a great place for us to work on our writing and thinking skills! Make sure you are doing work that you can be proud of and that it represents your intelligence!

by teacher: Leah Berkman
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My favorite non-fiction topics are ocelots. I'm really intrested in ocelots cause I got to visit the zoo and see one. I'm also feel very sad for ocelots scientest think these bigcats may die out before I get to college. Another reason I like learning about ocelots is there beautiful coat patterns. I already know that ocelots look like very large house cats with stripes and spots all over. Ocelots live near dry areas they usually eat small mammals in their habitat. One reason these cats are so endangered is their beautiful coat patterns. There are many plaes that try to help ocelots one is the local Carnivore Preservation Trust I hope that people can help save ocelots instead of killing them.




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My name ia Evie I am in fith grade. I really am looking forward to this year. I five dogs. My favoirt food is watermelon and my favoir animal is a monker. I cant wait to blog this year. BYE !

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