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by teacher: Leah Berkman

The specific Non Fiction topic I am interested in non fiction is Paranormal things.Things such as myths or different legends about different places around the world. I also like geopraphy, fashion, And animals such as owls and butterflies!. For geogrpahy I like figuring odiut fferent little islands or small countries around the globe. And for fashion I love knowing where the fashion week places takes place and i love to know where the new designers live.   I love to find what castles or old houses have different haunting in it. I know most old houses or things where people die most likely is going to have hauntings in it. Once I read up about this castle in france where toursits will here screams. I thought it was very interesting. For geogrpahy I know places like London, or Paris is in France. For fashion i know the Coco Chanel was one of the best designers in the world. 




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