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Welcome to our Kindergarten Class Blog! The purpose of this blog is to provide a way for kindergartners to publish some of their work, and to allow them to communicate with others in a way that is meaningful and valuable. You will find a variety of writing projects, computer projects, responses to books we've read, and photographs of our experiences. Please support these young students by posting encouraging comments. Students’ individual blog pages can be accessed by clicking on "Kindergarten 2011-12" on the right side of this page, and then on students' initials. To post a comment of your own, click on the word "comment" below an article or posting. Thank you for visiting our blog!

by Laura Knox
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We've been talking about what reading and writing would be like without adjectives and adverbs, to create pictures in the minds of readers. Without these special words, the kids could not have described the wonderful monsters they created with the Kid Pix Deluxe program. Please check out these monsters and the kids' descriptions on their individual pages!
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