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What a fun filled few days Kindergarten has had!!! We began discussing St. Patrick's Day and Leprechauns last week. The children were extremely excited by the idea of catching a wee green man and in return getting his gold. We read many stories and discussed all sorts of ways we could create a trap which would accomplish this goal. The Kiddoes broke themselves off into groups and discussed how they would build their trap.

Once their ideas were in place, each group picked up items from a table full of random supplies and recycling which they requested and charted from the previous day.

From there, the groups sat down and began to collaborate and build their unique trap. I was blown away by the language, group work and compromise that ALL the students were able to exhibit ON THEIR OWN!! The engagement level was unbelievable. I was so proud just to sit back and watch this amazing sight.  Mr. Bachiu came in and the Kiddoes were excited to explain the workings of each trap.

Here are the wonderful traps which the Kiddoes constructed.

On Monday morning, there was great excitement when the Kiddoes came in and discovered that a Leprechaun had indeed come into our room on the weekend. They took delight in searching the room for clues/tricks which the Leprechaun left as well as searching each trap to see if it was successful!

Unfortunately, we didn`t catch a Leprechaun this year, but he did leave behind a note and a "magic" surprise.

There were cups full of vanilla pudding. The note told us to stir while chanting "shamrock"! When we did, the pudding turned green. You can only imagine the laughter and surprise in the room. We all agreed it was fun to try and catch Leprechauns, but next year, we would have to build some stronger traps!



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