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The movie about The Little Rock Nine really frustrated me. Just seeing the way people treated them angered me. It also was cool how they showed how brave they were, and what they went through. People were terribly cruel and it just keeps me in awe that people would try their hardest not to get black people in their school. People’s hatred scared me and I was terrified for The Little Rock Nine. I hope I would have been one of The Little Rock Nine but I can’t really know until I was put in that situation. If I were put in that situation and saw what was going on to me and the ones I loved, I have a feeling I would fight back. What really got me was how the teacher told Ernest that he had no reason for being absent. Of coarse he had a reason! People were trying to kill him! The teacher was just being unfair and annoying. Also, it frustrated me that the teachers would lie, like in the gym situation. A thing that has changed is racism. People now frown upon it and it is not expectable in our society. Another discrimination going on in the world today that I have noticed is that when there are disabled people, we think that they aren’t capable of a lot, that they are not equipped intelligently. In some cases this is true but sometimes, we don’t even give them a chance. The Ernest Green Story has really impacted my life.

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