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c) What were the causes of World War I? How are those similar or different from the causes of The Battle of the Five Armies? Did the real war or the imaginary one end up better? How so?

The causes of World War 1 was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary in Sarajevo. The assassin was a part of a terrorist group in Serbia, so Austria-Hungary thought the Serbian government was behind the assassination. Austria-Hungary declared a war on Serbia and to settle bad blood between them.

The Battle of the Five Armies was caused by the dispute of the gold in The Lonely Mountain. Of course, it's different from the cause of World War 1. They weren't fighting about gold in a mountain, but it started with an argument like it did in The Hobbit. It's similar, but not exactly the same.

In my opinion, I feel that the imaginary war turned out than the real war. First off, this war only lasted for one day. How long did World War 1 go on for? Four years. Also, the imaginary world ended up like all fairy tales do; with a happily ever after ending. We still had a second World War after the first one, unlike The Hobbit.
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