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Blame game


You know it didn’t happen that way

But you still want to play.

The Blame Game is easy.

But to you, it might sound cheesy.

Just do something wrong.

And point the blame to someone else, you’ll feel real strong.

Hit the x on someone else

Maybe Libby, or maybe Chelse.

You know it didn’t happen that way,

But keep playing, it’s ok.

But let me be the one to say.

There will be a day when you pay.

Not every game ends well.

And not every game is swell.

There is a price

When you live with mice.

It just can’t go any other way.

Fast approaches does that day.

You know things didn’t end like that.

But they are the mice, and you are the cat.

Just make a mess.

And don’t confess.

This game is simply the best.

Before you choose to play,

Are you ready for the price you’ll pay?

For things still can turn around.

And one day you will be found.


By Kacie

Grade 7


well, we all know how the blame game works, right? never do it. it turns back on you like a wild dog. at first it's all sweet and then it gets all mean and bites you. perfect game isn't it?

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