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Poem #1






Binofutistic is my brother.

Binofutistic is no other.

Binofutistic is strong and tall

not weak and small.

He likes to airsoft,

but his bed soft,

but not when he coughs

Binofutistic doesn't say

that he wants to play

When it is time,

he eats a lime

that's sour

then we go hug our

mom and dad

then Binofutistic tells dad

that he had

a sour lime and then goes to sleep

dreaming about a frog learning how to leap

when it is chilly

and he thinks it is silly

He will always be my Binofutistic.


Poem #2


What I Was and What I am




I used to be a toddler


full of energy and happiness


with smelly diaper


playing with my brother and toys


eating and sleeping most of the time

But now I am a grown up boy


soon to be a teen


that loves Star Wars and Legos

waiting for the day to get real friends.


Poem #3


Tan, My Favorite Color





It tastes like tortillas.


Tan feels like the coarse sand under your bare feet.


Tan sounds like a deer prancing happily around in the vast forest.


It looks like the Great pyramids of Giza.


It tastes like a fresh, sweet apple pie.


Tans feels like a bamboo flute.


Tan tastes like a warm latte from Starbucks.


It looks like Obi-Wan from Star Wars.


It smells like bread out of an oven.


Tan looks like chicken broth.


Also, it feels like the fur of Meowth, a Pokemon.


It sound like a sand storm howling in the gloomy night.


Tan sounds like the Mos Eisley Cantina band from Star Wars.


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