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by teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez
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A:the goal of this lesson was to build a battery. Did you succeed? Support your answer with evidence.
A: yes, because to turn on a light it uses energy caused by an electrical charge and our light did turn on,
B:describe what makes up a battery.
B:a battery needs positive and negative energy to give things an electrical charge.
C:what do you conclude from your observations of the zinc-copper strips you placed in the copper sulfate solution ?
C:the zinc was the positive energy and the copper was the negative energy, and them put together into the acid made a battery.
D:what happened to your lightbulb after you removed the assembly from the solution? How could you explain to someone what happened?
D:the light slowly faded and then finally turned off.
E: In these activities you probably noticed that the bulb was not very bright. What could you do to make the bulb glow more brightly?
E:well, I think it depends if you have a lightbulb with larger watts and a larger zinc and copper strip. If it had that I think it would be brighter.
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