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The movie that we watched was a sad and cruel thing to happen at a school. I would be so angry at people if I was in the middle of seeing all of the mean things that the people said and did to the Little Rock Nine. I don't think that that was even close to being fair for them. It would probably take me a long time to figure out the steps that I would have to take to resolve a problem like that. If I had the choice to stay home instead of being yelled at and teased, I would honestly just stay home. I wouldn't be as brave as them in that situation. The Reason I don't think that that was fair for the Little Rock Nine was because they deserved the right to get a very good education and the ability to go to college just as much as any of the other white students. In the world that we live in today, most things have changed, but some things haven't. We've had our first black president (Barack Obama), so that's definitely a change from the past. But one thing that hasn't exactly changed is racism. There are still people today who are racist. Although some things haven’t yet changed, they have to sometime.
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