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I thought that Ernest Greene had so much perseverance, determination, and courage. Not many people would have been able to do what he did. He went through all that discrimination and taunting just because of his skin color. My first reaction to the movie was that it was totally unfair to the black people of America. The whites looked at the blacks like they were animals. Especially when Ernest accidentally bumped into that blonde girl, the girl started to act like a rodent touched her. She burned her clothes=http:// It was just wrong. I would not have been able to endure that cruelty. I would have left the first day and never came back to Little Rock in my life. Outcasting and bullying others just because of their skin color is just plain mean and nasty. But now days it is different, but some people still outcast people because of their skin color. I hope that one day everyone will realize that we are all made equal and should be treated equally, too. But other types of outcasting is going on too. People leave people out because of what they wear or how they look. I think this is just as bad as leaving people out because of their skin color. I just hope that one day will come that nobody would be left out because of dumb reasons.

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