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Ernest Greene

OMG!!! I loved that movie!!! It was so great!!! I felt really bad for the students that were part of The Little Rock Nine because everyone excluded them except for a few students. The one thing I don’t get is why people need to be cruel to people who are not exactly the same as you. I mean, everyone was human I don’t see why we need to judge people on the color of their skin. Here is one example I used when I told my family about this movie… “It’s like Sadow and `Noflake (my dogs) they are the same species and they are exactly the same kind (miniature schnauzer) but `Noflake is white and Sadow is black but they get along just fine.” I wish our world would be like that. If I were stuck in a situation where I either had to follow the crowd because it’s easier or stand up for what I believe in even if it isn’t popular I would stand up for what I believe in. I’m unique I do things others wouldn’t have the courage to do. I can and will argue for what is right. Like for example when we have nachos at lunch and we will argue if it is real cheese or not, two of us will think it’s real and two of us will think it’s plastic. I will stand up for what I believe in. I think our world would be on its way to a better place if people weren’t so racist. One reason I think this is because there might be someone who owns a store or something like that, and there might be someone who is colored. Let’s pretend the person who owns the store isn’t colored, but the person applying for a job at that store is colored. The applicant went to an interview did really well and was going to get the job but the only problem is, is that the person who owns the store is racist and doesn’t hire colored people. I don’t know, maybe our economy would have more jobs or something like that I’m not sure. No matter how mad the Little Rock Nine got I would still encourage them to not fight back and to keep going because once they got out of the school they would be over with it. They would never have to turn back. I would advise them to not listen to what the other students told them unless it was something nice, to not pay attention to what everyone else is doing to offend you. They would have gotten through the school much better if they could do that but I’m sure it takes lots of patience and self control to do that. Also it is probably very difficult to do that. One more thing I need to know. I cried in the movie did anyone else?!
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