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After seeing the The Ernest Green Story and video clip of Minnie Jean Brown, I think that if you put your mind to something you can accomplish it if you try hard enough. The reason I say this is because every one of the Little Rock Nine, except for one, graduated from Central High School even though they were bullied, picked on and threatened in and outside of school. Each day was a struggle for each one of the Little Rock Nine because of the hatred and violence they had to deal with. If I were in their position, I would have done what they did and tried my hardest to graduate from Central High. One difference is I think I would have fought back because of the constant bullying upon The Little Rock Nine. I would have gotten fed up with it and fought back. Things have changed. Now, anybody can go to the school of their choice unless you have to apply and get accepted into the school. I hear about different kinds of discrimination in the news but I don't see it in my everyday life. I think that the suffering that the Little Rock Nine went through was very brave and courageous of them. I am grateful to the students that had to go through that because what they did helped form a better and more perfect nation.
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