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I thought the movie was inspiring and appalling that all those people were so racist and horrible to just 9 black high school students. I think those kids were very brave and especially at the end when Ernest was being threatened to be shot. I don’t think I would have had the courage to go up there with the thought that someone might shoot me. And probably around the 5th time someone insulted me, I would have smacked them right in the face because I don’t have good self-control. I think it’s awesome that they were so strong, and their religious teacher and school teacher and parents supported them so much. They displayed wonderful self-control and tried to bring peace instead of war. I’m not sure if things have changed or not. I still have heard of some racist people today, but it’s not nearly as severe as it was in the movie; although I know for a fact that people are still being put down today, not just colored people. I definitely know people are put down for their religion, sometimes I am, and for how they dress, or look, or what they believe. That’s not right, you can’t help how you look, that’s just the way you dress, and that’s just what they believe. It’s not our place to judge, and I know that I’m sounding like a hypocrite, because I confess sometimes I judge people too, but it’s something we all should follow.
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