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The Little Rock Nine Story
I think that this story taught me a lot of things. People shouldn't judge other people because of their skin color, what they wear, or if they're wealthy or not. If I were one of the Little Rock Nines, I would have stopped going to the school, or told a teacher to look over whenever I walked by and watch so they have proof. I would've gotten so mad. I would have had the courage to fight back. I don't like it when people judge me and I don't think they should judge anybody at all. I would've rather fought back and get expelled other than getting my feelings hurt everyday and having a hard time. Overall, I think that that wasn't a smart reason to segregate and treated them differently because it's not fair. I'm glad that things have changed now. Anyone can go to the same school and no one will judge anyone by their skin color. There are other instances of discrimination going on in the world. People judge other people because of disabilities, races, and etc.
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