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When we watched the Ernest Green Story, it did make me kind of mad, but it made me think that it was really unfair because they are people just like whites and they also have the ability to succeed, again using Ben Carson as an example, and I felt really bad for them. I would have had the courage to continue on because I know how important it is to study and I would have tried my best to not notice anything else. Things have definitely changed because we think of Blacks just as others and they are not disrespected. There is still discrimination because there is still racism and people are judged by how they look and what they do. For example, when I was younger, my karate instructor paired me up with one kid every time because he was a little silly. My instructor knew I could take care of him like a little brother. One day, my instructor told us to find a partner that was just as "good looking" as us, so I went up to the kid to be partners, but he said he could not be with me because I was much darker than him. Of course I was somewhat offended, but I was pretty okay with it. For the next few weeks, I did not see the kid for a while, and finally about two weeks later, he came back and was friendly with me again. After the class, he asked me if he could talk to me, and so we went to the side of the room, and I remember exactly what he said. He said, "I am really sorry of what I said to you two weeks ago. I didn't realize how rude it was and how much it could have hurt your feelings." I was really surprised because I almost forgot that incident, and I told him it was fine, and we were good. When we went back to our parents, his dad told me and my mom that the reason he hadn't come to karate for so long was because after he realized how rude his words were, he couldn't stop crying. He thought he couldn't see me again because I would be mad at him. I thought that was really sweet even though we were like eight, and I always remember that, and I just wish that everyone would realize how rude our words could be and how much it could upset someone. Hopefully everyone will have the heart to not judge people by their color or anything else!
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