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In class we learned about the the Jansen creatures and we explored a number of games that not only are fun, but teach us a lot. You can see my reviews here:

1. Are the the Jansen creatures alive? Why or why not? This is a really hard question to answer--what is life?

The Jansen creatures are not alive. To be alive, they must include all the 7 characteristics of life, which include growth and development, reproduction, homeostasis, change through time, cells, organization, and metabolism. The creatures Jansen created may have some characteristics of life, but not all of them. So Jansen’s creatures are not alive, but they are life-like.

2. Review each game in a 3-4 sentence paragraph. What is the game, what is trying to teach you, and did it work?

3rd World Farming is a game where you and your family live on a farm in a 3rd world country and you have to choose certain crops and animals to grow in order to keep a profit. You also have to make sure all the members in your family are healthy and don’t die. This game is trying to teach us to look ahead on what might happen and to show us how hard it is for people to earn money. The game did work, because I ended up having no money left, teaching me that I have to think about what I spend my money on and how much profit I will make with it.

3D Architecture is a game where you have certain customers and you have to build a house to go with what they want and like to do. The game is trying to teach us how to plan and think in different ways in order to get something done. This games did teach me, because I learned that I need to first plan out the rooms before I go and
make them.

Tall buildings was a interactive site that allowed you to visually see and compare the different tall buildings in the world in order from the smallest to the tallest. The game was trying to teach the viewers about different buildings and their statistics. They worked in trying to teach us, because the way it was organized in an orderly fashion and was easy to understand.

Power Play was a game where you had to make a cause and react line using various types of machines and parts in order to form simple tasks using heat, wind, and manmade energy. This game was trying to teach us how to be greener when it comes to powering things using a limited amount of energy. This game did teach us that, because it showed us that there are many ways that are better for the environment to do daily tasks. It also teaches us to think outside the box when deciding what will work and what will not work.

Ayiti was a game where you and your family in Haiti try to survive during the year by either getting an education or working. This game was trying to teach us how to organize and run a family, thinking about education and money. This game taught us that, because it became difficult to keep everyone healthy and have enough money while still getting an education.

Driven to Distraction was a game where you had to get by the lanes without crashing while still replying to the text messages you received. This game was trying to teach you how dangerous and distracting texting while driving can be. This game did teach us that, because it showed how difficult paying attention to two different things at a time can be.

Darfur is Dying was a game where you and your tribe had to forage for food and water while trying not to get caught by the Janjaweed militias. This game was trying to teach you how to share limited supplies and also taught us how dangerous living in Darfur is and how hard it is to live there. This game taught me that because I started getting frustrated and realized this is how people in Darfur have to live and how difficult it is to survive.

3. Do games help learning?

Games do help learning, because you get to learn it in a hands on sort of way. Instead of reading it in an article, you get to interact with what’s happening, letting you learn in an easier way. You get the chance to understand and learn by yourself what the game is trying to teach. Also, games are fun so you have an easier time paying attention and staying focused what is being learned.
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