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"Going Viral"

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Going Viral?" In the video the right, Kevin Allocca talks about what factors
make a YouTube video "go viral." After watching the video, please write a blog article using Classblogmeister addressing the ideas below.

1. Identify the characteristics Mr. Allocca talks about in the video that cause a video to go viral.

2. Think about a message that you think the world needs to hear about. What kind of video could you make about the message?

3. Which viral video characteristic would you try employ to make sure that you video got seen by the maximum amount of people possible?

As your writing your article, take a moment and make sure that all of your sentences are complete. Make sure that all of the conventions of good writing are followed (good grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc).

DO NOT PUBLISH the blog right away! Let it stay a draft. We will revisit your writing next class.

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