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This blog was difficult for me because I wasn't in class due to T.C.A.P makeups. In addition, I couldn't get the videos to load. After doing research, I discovered that it was really hard to be Africian American during this time. I would like to think if I was alive during that time, I would stick up for myself if someone was excluding me. However, the discrimination was too strong, so I probably wouldn't have. The reason why was because there were no laws to protect African Americans. Times have changed but there is still a lot of discrimination that takes place in today's world. Laws now protect people against discrimination but it still happens at work and school. Racism is a type of discrimination that occurs everywhere. Racist jokes are an example of discrimination that can go to far and hurt others feelings. Whether, its discriminating someone because of their age, gender, physical disability, race, color, religion, ethnic background, or hair color it is all wrong and we need to stand up and fight.
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