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I think that this story is absolutely amazing because the 9 African American students that were brave enought to go to the school marked a day in history. They were later known as the little rock nine. My reaction to the movie was that I was appalled by the way that the white people acted towards the 9. They did everything they could to get rid of them but the 9 were brave and stayed. I think honestly I would have fought back because I can't stand when people are so rude like that. I think that the 9 are all admirable because they stood for something and that basically started a chain reaction. Even though one of the nine left part of the way through I still think they all deserve to be recogninzed of being a part of something that changed the world and how we view other people. I also think that Ernest Green is very amazing being the first African American student to graduate from Central High; an all white school. I also admire Ernest Green because he was committed the whole way through even though he wanted to give up sometimes. Today people are more "color blind" and aren't as racist. People learn to be racist usually from their parents because their parents say what is right and what is wrong and what they say we do because they trust us and love us. When we are young we rely soley on our parents to tell us what to like and what not to like so we trust and reluy on them for every single thing. People fight for so much and are determined and when they think they are going to do something they stick to it and they stay with it while others just give up. Mr.Green inspired many other African Americans to follow their dreams in getting a good education. I think that he also sort of inspires me because he kept to what he was doing and stayed strong during the whole ordeal so I admire him for his bravery and strength both physically and mentally.
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