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My reaction to the story was anger. It was anger towards the high schools students and teachers. Everyone was being completely unfair and ridiculously judgemental. I would have tried to be friends with them and not care what everyone else thought I would stick up for them and try to help rather than leave them hanging by a thread. I would try my best to carry on with the fight and not back down. I would see my future from going there and compare it to the future I had at the other school and see how much better it would be. I thought that all of those kids were brave. For all of them to be able to stand all the rude things that were said and all those parents and students yelling at them in such an inappropriate way and they could put all of that to the side (for temporary moments) just amazed me. It also showed me that everything can be possible but it's never easy. In the south it is still the same mostly. There hasn't been a whole lot of change but there has been. It amazes me that after all these years we still discriminate people just because of their race or religion even the way they dress. It is wrong but I don't think it will ever stop in this world.
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