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Ernest Green is a great person and role model. He inspired me to stand up for myself and he also made my emotions go back and forth. While watching that movie I learned a lot of new things. At first, my reaction was happy that Ernest and his friends got into a new school, but then it turned to sadness because him and his friends were being mistreated and did not like their lives. Towards the end I felt very happy and excited for Ernest because he got the grade he wanted on the big test and graduated! If I was in that situation I would leave and go back to my old school because I would not be able to handle any of that. Ernest is a person with so much courage that I could not of continued like him. If I continued my journey I would probably be dead because I do not like to fight and I would get hurt very easily. I wish I had the courage that Ernest Green had at that time. Some things have changed, but in other places of the world it is probably still going on. I wish that all of this would stop and everyone would just move on with their lives.
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