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This is a great place for us to work on our writing and thinking skills! Make sure you are doing work that you can be proud of and that it represents your intelligence!

by teacher: Leah Berkman
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I am doing my report on what is tapioca. It may seem that tapioca is little bubbles that are in your pudding. Tapioca is really a starch that is made from root of a plant called Manihit esculenta. If you were to studdy places around the world you may notice that tapioca is called many different names. There are many different forms so if you were to make tapioca you might know that the pearls are most popular shape. America and many other places around the world eat this everyday. I love his pudding just like other places do.

texture: the way something feels when you touch it.

pudding: a food that is smoth and has many flavors.

pearl: a round like gem and found in the sea.

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