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The movie we watched on Friday was powerful, although the whole time it didn't bother me because I knew that it was meant to happen. It was definitely not a mistake. If I were in that situation, I may have not been able to do it, but I would have pushed for it and made sure to pack some band-aids. To me it was amazing the people who were friends with them and what there parents would have thought. I liked the way they reacted and were care free. If the situation was bad like that I cannot imagine why anyone would care because there skin was different. Especially the parents, that was bad. The nerve they must have had. I think for me it would have been harder to be mean to them than be the one being picked on.
The world has changed in some ways as to the point is isn't as bad, but we still have that problem. If every kid would to ask themselves if they have ever been discriminated, I'm sure everyone has discriminated. But, even if they only did it once that is a lot when you add it all together. People really don't understand the difference a simple word does, even if it is sarcasm. The gossip now days is horrible. It is so bad, everyone spends so much time shopping for clothes and worrying about how they look too much. If people didn't discriminate we would have a much better world. You would be able to walk out the door and not even notice your shirt had a big stain and know that people didn't care. But not only that, also how smart you are or how popular. I haven't been accused of not being popular, but I know people who are. I walk through the halls and here names all over. Most times it comes from popular kids who think one girl is ugly or getting in their business.
Finally, texting. This is where it really is now. My mom always says, "don't text something you wouldn't tell to someone in person." People think they can get away with awful language and rude comments. It isn't right. Well, I could go on and on about the discrimination that goes on in this world. I choose to close by saying, the world could be better, it all starts with us. I encourage you to really commit yourself to Rachel's challenge and you'll find yourself "popular" for real.
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