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My reaction to The Ernest Green Story was fury and hate towards the people that were cruel towards them and pity towards the nine kids who suffered through all that. If I were them, I would've probably never even considered switching to the white school. I would have rather stayed at the not-so-good school for blacks than risked my life for a good education. I would have never in my entire life had enough courage to even attend the first day of school. All I would've be thinking about is the angry mobs outside the school and whether or not I would survive the day without any harm. I think that I would have rather never received an education than to go put my life on the line. I am very afraid of any kind of pain. That is mostly why I am afraid of heights, because I every time I look over any kind of high distance, all I can imagine is falling and getting severely injured. I am also afraid of falling, because the feeling is terrifying. If I were to go to Central, I would be very afraid of getting beaten up or hurt emotionally or physically. Things have mostly changed, because now there are pretty much no schools that are all-white and there is so much different ethnicity, including blacks. I think that is wonderful that they are apart of that now. Of course, there is still racism, and that may never completely fade. Slavery is now illegal and blacks have the same rights as us, though many people are furious about this, and it is still going on in the United States and basically every other country in the world. You pretty much get the idea that slavery is everywhere and you should be very cautious... I think that I will always be impacted by the fact that people with different colored skin are sometimes treated differently. They are human beings, just like us, and they could all band together and revolt against us. Some blacks and other colors will never forgive "us whites" for what we did, and to be honest, I am not proud at all of our ancestors and I don't know if I'll ever forgive them myself for all the torture and abuse the Little Rock Nine went through. I am glad they got to have some hope in their lives, because some blacks sure needed some then.

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