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We are a group of 7th graders from Colorado who want to practice our writing and communication skills. We are excited to expand the walls of our classroom and collaborate with other classes! Please leave us comments and your blog URL, so we can respond back to you!


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These days in science, we are reviewing the parts of cells. I know a bit about the parts and what each one does. I like the word 'osmosis' best. The best part so far into this unit was when we wrote the answers on whiteboards. The worst was when... hmm, I don't think there really was a down. I have learned that cells have to have water to perform certain functions, and that only certain things can leave and enter the cell. Also, viruses are considered nonliving, or parasites, because they can't do anything for theirselves unless they're inside a cell. As far as labs, we have done a gummy worm lab, an egg lab, and an elodea plant lab by observing them in different situations and environments. I just took the test on Monday and I feel I did very well. I hope I can finish this unit up by rounding my great A up to a perfect +A. That would be just the way to finish it up.

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I am a fantastic piano player. I am 12 years old. My sister is in sixth grade and goes to here. You might see her in the hallways somtimes.

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