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I am reporting on #94, “What is a Supernova?”. A supernova is what happens when a star dies. A star dies when it runs out of hydrogen, which it converts into helium through nuclear fusion. The first stars became supernovae (plural of supernova) 14 billion years ago. This topic is important to know because I might be interested in being an astrophysicist as a career choice. Some supernovae become white dwarfs, neutron stars, or black holes depending on the size of the star that dies. Black holes have ridiculously strong gravitational pull. Not even light can escape from black holes.


1) Hydrogen - a flamable lifting gas

2) Nuclear Fusion --a reactino in which two nuclei combine to form a nucleus with a release of energy.

3) White Drawf -- the remnants of a star that has collapsed. 

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