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This is a space for adult students of grade 10, 11 and 12 English Language Arts to communicate about what and how they are learning, both in and out of class.

by teacher: Jody Ferguson
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I don't do much reading of books or magazines during my spare time or for personal pleasure. The only thing that I really read on a daily basis is the newspaper. I read this so that I am aware of the events taking place within our community and around the world. What I do to ensure I'm reading it effectively is focus on the articles that discuss more important issues and I do this by reading the headlines that are specifically attention catching. One strategy I use to do this is by looking for specific words such as "disaster" and pictures that go with the title.

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My name is Noel Gonzalez. I'm 24 years old attending McLeod Adult Ed trying to achieve my Mature Student Diploma. I'm Spanish from El Salvador and a seasonal construction worker. My hobbies are fixing cars, being a handyman around the house and walking my 2 year old Pitbull, Honcho.

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