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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas

March 7, 2012
Dear Mom and Dad,
I was thinking about adopting a puppy. It can be really fun and cheap. It will be great for my grades because if I could read to a puppy for at least 30 minutes every day I could increase my reading benchmark and make it better. Also I could get a better grade in reading.
By getting a puppy I am thinking about the money how much it will cost. Adopting a puppy from an animal shelter instead of buying a puppy from an animal store it will cost less money, because the puppies from the animal shelters have already been abandoned my other people.
When you adopt a puppy from an animal shelter you can also save a puppies life, because when you adopt a puppy from a shelter you are adopting a puppy that have already been abandoned before and some people said that if puppies aren’t adopted they put them to sleep. So please help me save its life!
A puppy can protect the house! For example if somebody is coming a puppy can bark let us know somebody is coming? Then we can make sure it’s not a bad person who is coming. For example those people that come and steal things. So a puppy just would protect me it would also protect the whole family.

After reading this letter I hope you agree with me because I really want a puppy and I promise you I will take of it. Also, I will take him to do his business and other stuff that puppies need to do. I will love the puppy and I will to take care of it. Another reason why I would like a puppy is because one of my 2 dogs died in May 5th, 2011 and I am still sad about it. Well I really hope you buy me a cheap puppie.

Your daughter,
Jennifer Munguia
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