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Chimicum Washington is a really rainy place during Winter.
During Summer it's hot here.
These are things that most people would normally say about Chimicum, but I'm not so normal.
Chimicum has people, not a lot, but we have people.
And these people are special. Some people are random, some are normal, some just plain like JUstin Beiber.(I'm SOOO not one of those people.)
THENNN there are people like moi. I DON'T FIT IN ANYWHERE=http://=http:// :DDD I'm individual!

haha....I got off track there.
ANYWAYS!!!! So our school has about 250-300 people. It's not that big, but we had a school picture a few days ago, and when you look at it,(from my angle anyways,)we have a LOT of students.

Where we live it rains a lot. I like the rain though. :DDD
But when it snows......We get snow for either a week, or a day. When we get it for a week, that means it rained we are gonna have disgusting wet snow. When we get it for a day, it means the same thing as the last one!

So yup. This is meh living place and I'm freaking lovin it.

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