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Bud Not Buddy is a Riveting book! The Author is Christopher Paul Curtis.The characters in this story are Bud,Bugs Mr.Calloway,and the Dusky Devastators of the depression. Bud carries a suitcase with him every where he goes he does this because inside the suitcase are his treasures, all the stuff his mom gave him. Inside the suitcase their might be the answer to the man who is his dad. Their is a picture of him in his suitcase labeled Mr.Calloway. Bud remembers when ever she saw this picture she would start bursting into tears.


Bud lives in a foster home because his mom died and he doesn’t know who his dad is. Bud leaves the foster home because he goes to a foster family that's really mean to him.

So after forcing the family's son to pee in his pants, and being locked in the garage. He leaves their house. Bud doesn’t go back to the foster home because he meets bugs. Who ran away from his foster family too. Bugs wants to go west,and never come back to the foster home.

Bud agrees,but when bugs jumps on the train to go west bud can’t make it. So he decides to go west but go to Grand Rapids. When he starts moving he meets a man named Lefty Louis. So he tells Lefty that he ran away from home but he tells him he ran away from Grand Rapids. So he drives him all the way there ,while their driving Bud thinks Lefty is a bad guy. He thinks this because Lefty has a box he doesn’t want the police to see. When he reaches Grand Rapids Bud walks into the room and see’s a bunch of man talking with each other. He Figures out they are the Dusky Devastators of the Depression. Bud ends up living in their house. Bud loves there music. Eventually he finds out that Mr.Callow is his Grandpa.

Bud Ultimately does find family the family are the Dusky Devastators of the Deppriosion!


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