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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Dear Mom,
I am asking for a specific system that’s called an iPad. I hope I could persuade you about this specific system. I really need this system because I would be able to study.
I will do whatever it takes to get the iPad. I will clean my room even if it’s clean, I will clean the living room, and I will sweep and mop, and also clean our restroom.
I could also get some academic apps like reading, math, science and other school apps. I could also use apps to study some math, reading, and math. I think if I get these apps I would pass 5th grade or pass some of my test.
I know that I’m responsible because I take care of my brothers and I stay home alone with my brothers. Also I know that I’m responsible because my friends and I stayed home alone once. If I get that iPad I would have appropriate apps. All of those things I told you about the iPad I really mean it.
I hope I gave you enough information about the iPad. Like I said I think I’m responsible about this specific system.
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