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Dear Dad,
Can I please have an I-Pod? I want to persuade you so I can get an I-Pod. It will help me listen to music on the I-pod instead of the radio. I will clean anything in the house for you to earn money to get an I-pod.

An I-pod will help me listen to music. I can ride my bike when I listen to music and then I can run. It will help me not be board when I am riding my bike or running and doing it. I will clean my bike to get money and I will wash the car so you don’t have to do that. I can fix my own bike.

I am not going to fight with my sister in the car because we’ll both have I-pods and I don’t have to ask for hers. If I have an I-pod in the car it will help me listen to my music in the car and I don’t have to listen to the radio. I will be happy.

I would also like to clean the walls and vacuum the living room and I can also clean off, with the hose, the pavement. I can get the grease off of it and make it clean. I can brush off the water. I can take out the garbage every Wednesday when the garbage man comes. I have to take it out front so the garbage man can get it. I can clean up the dog poop because people in my family don’t like to clean it.

Thank you for reading this and I hope I get the I-pod from you and I will do all these things for you.



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