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This is a place for students from grades 4 - 7 to write about their research projects, book club book reviews and to learn to use 21st Century technology skills. It is an invitation to see what students in my library research classes are researching, learning and sharing. We learn from positive, constructive feedback not negative criticism. Please notice our successes, not our mistakes.

by Mrs. C. Martin

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Hello - beinvenue, fellow bloggers!  My classes are entered in the Student Blogging Challenge! 

Due to some labour problems here in BC we will be somewhat behind in the Challenge.  This first week only 3 classes were able to participate and we are heading into Spring Break holidays from March 19-23. Please drop in and check out Div 29 - grade 7 - who have just recently returned from their trip to Quebec, Canada.  Please feel free to leave a comment - we will consider that post part of the 'All About Me' assignment. Some of Div 28 - grade 6 have finished their All About Me posts so you can drop by and leave a comment for those students who have finished just look to the left side bar to see the list of student entries and click on one. Merci!

Div 5 (grade 3/4) is very busy writing about themselves and are very excited to have the Challenge participants drop by and leave a comment.  Div 5 has just learned how to insert an image and are working hard to write about themselves following safe Internet rules for privacy. They are not quite finished yet. They will finish Thursday, March 15.

Our first challenge was to drop by and visit Mrs. Haley's class - 26 Bay Bloggers in Australia and to also visit Ms. Phillips class in the Repubic of Korea! I have left a comment for both classes and will have my classes drop by and leave comments for the students this coming week. We are very excited to meet you and are looking forward to reading your comments to us.

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Wow~! I love your blog! What cool pictures you have~~
Posted March 19, 2012 at 12:15 AM by • Sarah
Posted March 19, 2012 at 12:15 AM by • Sarah

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