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This is an excerpt from the Lost gladiator project we did.


I go on the next couple of weeks. The different gladiators I fight against each have different weapons. Some had a gladius, one had a rete, another one had a spear, and another had a trident and one had a dagger.

A gladius was the roman name for a sword, and the rete was their name for a net. Different gladiators used different weapons and it wasn’t uncommon. Gladiators also used different things to protect them selves. Some would wear helmets and if they didn’t they would wear a Galerius or shoulder-guard to protect their head, but most wear helmets. There were two basic shields one that was smaller and easier to maneuver but protected less and one that was large like the ones they used it war. It was harder to maneuver but protected more. Another thing that protected them was the greaves it’s kind of like a modern day shin guard but it’s made with metal.



I had fought so many gladiatorial games I couldn’t count. I went to the next coliseum thinking it would be a regular amphitheater however when we got to the amphitheater it wasn’t just a coliseum it was the Coliseum in Rome.


The Colosseum in Rome was a symbol of the roman military. It was built were over the place where Nero (a roman emperor) had his lake. The sack of Jerusalem financed building it in 70 C.E. It was the greatest of 200 amphitheaters and even though the arena was mainly used for the gladiatorial, it is also used for beast fighting and punishment for Christians and criminals. The punishment may have included being thrown in the arena with wild animals. The Colosseum was a 616 ft. X 512ft. ellipse of pure genius, built by the slaves. It is 160 ft. tall with four tiers and it has a capacity of 50,000. Before the Colosseum was built, the gladiatorial games were previously held in the forum.


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