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The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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This is an excerpt of the Roman Gadiator Journal, we have been learning about ancient Rome and gladiators.


This journal was found on February 19, 2012 by a group of unprofessional archeologists.

This journal was found in northern Rome under pieces of an ancient Rome column. It tells the story of a Gaul boy named Aquila who was captured by the Romans in 200 AD, and his journey to becoming one of the greatest Roman Gladiators that ever lived.

           It is 200 AD I, Aquila, am 19 years old. It is a cold day on May 7th, me and Gaul my tribe are getting ready to head out for a battle against a Roman army group that has been moving to close. As long as I’ve been alive I have hated the Romans.

           We were walking along the grass until we spotted them. As soon as we saw them and they got in range we charged. Their army was strong with every soldier wearing the same equipment. They had leather shoes that helped them keep a good footing, but the most surprising thing was how united they were because they were taught to work together. They would all stay together and not split up. They would fight to their death. We fought for about an hour before we just couldn’t. They were the ultimate army. When we lost they didn’t kill us, they captured me and all the other men who had not died.

           We were tied up by our hands in a single file line, as we began our long journey from the Rhone River to Rome. Some of the men died during the journey. We got fed twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. The meals were usually bread or some other small bit of food. It was a very long walk that took us seven days until we reached the city of Rome.

           The other day I arrived in Rome, May 14th, shocked by the size of it. I walked along looking at everything. I could see islands where the poor people stayed and I could see the rich people’s houses that were much bigger than I had expected. It was the biggest city I had ever seen.

           Yesterday I was given to a slave dealer, who buys and sells slaves. Today he is getting us ready to be sold. He leads us all down to the slave market where we stand up on a platform so people can see us. The slave dealer is yelling out prices and sells us to whoever pays the most. It’s my turn and he starts yelling out prices, I get bought by a wealthy Roman who says that he will turn me from a Gallia comate or hairy Gaul into a civilized Roman gladiator. My owner sends me to ludus gladiatoruis (training school for slaves or criminals) to be trained to be a gladiator.


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