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Class of 2012-2013

The students' blogs have been transferred to 8th grade.


teacher: Rye 8th Team

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I am a 23 year old man named Abeldarus, I am a middle class man. I decided to be a gladiator because I got bored because all I did was sell food and I didn’t like it, so I decided to be in the gladiator world like Giuglio Caesar.

Giuglio Caesar was my favorite gladiator when I was a little boy. He was a Retarius gladiator, he had protection on his left arm with armor. He had a net that would trap opponents and kill them. He always won all the gladitorial games. I used to go to the games with my parents.

I gave my market to my friend, who was looking for a job. He is my only friend.

I went to the Colosseum to sign up to be a gladiator. I walked up to the Colosseum to sign up, they opened the gates and I walked in. They closed the gates and I knew I was stuck in there for the rest of my life. I felt very intimidated, but at the same time really excited.


I was given a trainer, who will train me for the games. They gave me a fake sword made out of wood. I am using that to practice because they can't trust me with a real sword yet.



After three days, I'm the Colosseum training all day. I started meeting a lot of people who were in here for a really long time. They are also training to be gladiators. Some of them are slaves, some are criminals

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